Hotel The Toren by The Pavilions

Tea Time at The Toren

Are you ready for a next level of tea experience? We will take you on a journey and will tell you all you need to know about the rich history of tea, while in the meantime you’re tasting the most specials teas! Did you know for instance that we even serve a Tea Cocktail!

Let us know who you would like to drink a cup of tea with.

We have the following flavors:

·      Ellen our General Manager

·      Hamid our Chief Engineer

·      Michel our Rooms Division Manager

·   Annemiek our Reservations Manager

They can tell you all about their carrier path, what choices they have made, why the profession is so beautiful and the best memory they have!

We will be serving the Tea from 14.00 hrs – 16.00 hrs.

After tea we are very curious about your future in the hospitality industry.

We reward the most beautiful picture of the future with a great MEMORY!

So why not sharing your own ‘Creating Memories of your future career path’ by forwarding us a picture of this future. Out of all the best pics we will raffle a prize for yet an other Memory. 

Please forward your picture to;

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