Hyatt Regency Amsterdam

Walk the Hyatt talk

At Hyatt Regency, we believe that when we connect, meaningful things happen.

So we’d like to invite you to connect with our most valuable asset – our amazing team – and understand more about what the Hyatt “care” is really all about!

You can join our activity at 11:0013:00, or 15:00 (please be here and ready 5/10 minutes before).

The duration will be approximately 40 minutes.

There is a maximum number of participants: 15 (so make sure to book your spot now!)

To ensure your spot is booked, register now and mention your preferred start time in the comments*

*if your preferred time happens to be fully booked, we will reach out to you and suggest an alternative timeslot.

Looking forward to having you walk our Hyatt talk!

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